Resolution Update: 1Q2016

Since the first three months of 2016 have passed, it’s time for an assessment on how I am progressing on my resolutions.

Fitness and Nutrition

  • Run 400 Miles.
    Nope. I haven’t run at all so I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’ve been hesitant mostly due to the cold weather but also since I don’t know good running locations at my new home. I still intend to accomplish this goal but I need to start soon or I won’t have a chance of getting to 400 by the end of the year.
  • Complete 150 Hours of Physical Exercise.
    Yes! I’m way ahead of schedule for this resolution – completing about 50 hours of exercise where I should have 38 hours at this point to reach 150 by the end of the year. Most of these hours came from hiking – I have hiked a little over 130 miles from the PA-MD border down to near Luray, VA. This usually amounts to 4-5 hours of hiking each weekend. I hope to finish the Virginia portion of the Appalachian trail by the end of this year even though I am not even 25% there.
  • No Sweetened Beverages.
    Yes! I still have not had any sweetened beverages in my quest to kick my soda addiction. I’ve made it over 4 months now. I figured by this time I would no longer feel the desire for a coke but I still have moments of weakness but I just try to drown those cravings with tons of water. I have also started drinking green and white tea at work. Ironically, I’m fatter than ever. Oh well.

Lifelong Learning

  • Complete Five Courses or Textbooks
    Nope. I haven’t taken any courses yet.
  • Read Fifty-Two Books
    Nope. Way behind schedule. I’ve been listening to audiobooks on my hikes and the long drive to my hikes but those were some really long books so I have only added a total of 5 books this year. I should have completed 13 books by this point in the year.
  • Read Fifty-Two Technical Articles
    Nope. I’ve only read two articles so far. I will work on this one.


  • Higher Savings Rate
    Yes. I’m somewhat on track to hit my savings goal. The past few pay periods I have missed the mark. Hopefully I can catch up with the upcoming tax return and living modestly.
    Savings Progress